PLEASE NOTE: We DO NOT ship to PO Boxes with any service provider other than Australia Post and within Australia!!! Our other shipping carriers cannot access the PO boxes and therefore have no way to make the delivery.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to various restrictions around Covid currently some of our fulfillment warehouses are either closed or heavily backlogged. We are moving stock to NSW, VIC and QLD in order to increase fulfillment options. This may mean delays with certain orders and we are seeing some long delays with shipping once orders leave our pack houses. The current average shipping time is around 10-14 days currently. Our apologies up front for any delays experienced during this unprecedented time of Covid in Australia.

We have a very simple policy when it comes to shipping. We offer, among other options, a door to door courier service to you the buyer to ensure that not only do you receive the product in your hand, but you receive it quickly and conveniently. We cover the product for loss or damage during shipping and take full responsibility for the product until such a time as our courier makes delivery.

Please note that in Australia parcels are often left at the front door of the delivery address and there is a possibility that parcels will go missing. Whilst we do cover you for theft please note that there is an investigation process that will need to first take place with the carrier in order to determine if the parcel was indeed delivered and under what circumstances delivery took place. Thereafter there is a claims process. We will attempt to make this process as quick as possible, but no further shipments will take place until such a time that the investigation is complete. This will ensure we understand where things went wrong and how to prevent it from going wrong again.

Once your order is confirmed we will ship the product the with 2 business days (unless there is a backorder item in your cart) and will send you a shipping confirmation together with a tracking or waybill number. You can expect to receive this by no later than 21h00 on the day of shipping in order to give us time to consolidate all shipments for that day. Shipping times can vary dependent on your location and as we are at the mercy of our carriers we cannot guarantee delivery is made as stated by our carrier online and actual shipping time may unfortunately vary from time to time.

Orders with backorder items will ship only once the backorder item comes into stock. Please therefore expect all goods to be shipped together.

We unfortunately do not offer pick-ups nor any other form of shipping. We aim to keep both our overheads and man hours to a minimum so that we can pass this saving on to you the customer.

International shipping

We currently only offer international shipping to New Zealand. Should you live somewhere else please order from our US website at as this will be the cheapest option for you.

You will however be required to pay the necessary import taxes and VAT when it arrives in your country (including New Zealand where necessary). Please consult with your local customs department in order to determine these costs.

Should you have any issues with our shipping service please contact us at in order that we can assist you quickly.