About Us

  • Survival Archery Systems is a spin off company from a privately held engineering product design house with our roots deep in the automotive and petrochemical industries. With over 15 years of design and development experience we pride ourselves in going the extra mile with each and every product we develop to ensure a high level of quality and safety.
  • Whilst most of our products are purpose built and designed for companies that require only the best, we from time to time enjoy using our expertise to bring quality products to other industries and clients and with the Tactical Survival Bow we certainly had a lot of fun doing just that.
  • Whilst on a team building survival trip back in 2010 the Tactical Survival Bow was born in a question that was posed to the team that day and one which was only answered and became a reality in 2013. That question being, "What would you consider to be the perfect, single weapon that you would have packed in your grab or bug-out bag?"
  • In 2012 the owner of the company decided to concept and build that very weapon and less than 12 months later the first prototype was test fired.
  • It became very clear from the outset that the end goal was to produce a product that would stand up to a real world survival situation and take into account any factors that could affect usage, maintenance and durability and this meant that only the best materials and design would be sufficient to meet the task at hand.
  • Using design principles and material selection based on over 15 years of design and development experience in the automotive and petrochemical industries the team set out to produce a bow that was more compact, more powerful and better made for long term survival than any other on the planet.
  • Over the next 12 months the team refined the product and having gone through 3 design iterations and multiple rounds of testing using different materials and products, the result was a resounding success based on feedback from archers, hunters and survival experts. In fact, the response was so good that there was even interest from the military for tactical usage.
  • The patent pending production ready version of the tactical survival bow makes use of the finest US and Aerospace materials:
    • Riser and limb holding brackets - Aerospace Grade T6 Aluminium (a premium grade even when compared to aircraft grade T6 aluminium). The material also receives a special surface treatment prior to anodizing in order to make the surface non-reflective. This same surface treatment also allows for a better surface for paint adhesion should you the customer want to employ a camo paint system to the product.
    • Limbs - Made in the USA from the same high quality composite material that is used by nearly all of the big names in the archery industry. Our limbs are cut using precision waterjet technology and painted directly at the supplier in order that we can receive a consistent, quality product from the industry's best.
    • Hardware - The retaining nuts and bolts are made of marine grade 316 stainless steel that has been specially chemically treated in order to allow for a black surface treatment to prevent glare. Our supplier is a military vendor who perfected this process over the past decades to ensure a consistent quality finish.
    • Limb securing bolts - The limb securing bolts are made from a high tension steel which offers a high degree of safety to ensure compliance in the field and only requires a light oil from time to time.
    • We hope you enjoy the product and trust that it will give you many years of trusted service in the field.

WE NOW ALSO HAVE LOCAL FULFILLMENT CENTRES IN THE USA AT www.survivalarcherysystems.com AND IN CANADA AT www.survivalarcherysystems.ca.